Thursday, February 13, 2014

Escape... Random

Love is my only escape from the craziness of this world... I want to fall in love with loving someone who is in love with who I am inside and out. I want to bask in the glory of your presence and blush everytime I hear your name... I want to escape to the boundary of you heart and fall madly in love with us... Love is my ultimate escape.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

As We Lay

As We Lay


As we lay down in the darkness

I can’t help but hear the rhythm

That beats with each beat of your heart


I try to record it in my mind

So that I can refer to it again

When you are gone


Reality sets in as I watch you

Quiet and reserved

Staring up into the heavens

Trying to find the answers

As my mind is trying to find ways

To help you find that escape


I can’t help but be selfish

As I think of not seeing you

Touching you

Feeling the scruffiness of your face

Between my fingers

Or blushing at your crooked smile

That always warms me inside


I know your aching, scared

Wishing on the stars you can’t seem to find

But I’m here

Loving you

Wanting to be your refuge from the darkness

The light for your shelter

The haven for your thoughts


Not knowing what is to come

We both laid in silence

Facing away from each other

Chests pounding

Wanting to touch each other

But scared it may be the last time

Wanting to let go and be one

But knowing that one day

One day soon

We may be separated by chains

That imprisons our hearts against our will

Feeling innocent, helpless

Totally taken over

By the worlds curses

And punishments


We can’t let go just yet

As something in both of us

Force our bodies to interact

Embrace and nurture each other’s cravings

Only wanting and desiring each other


In this moment of desperation

Not sure of what’s to come

Anticipation killing the romance

But the intimacy is so strong

We can’t resist

Slowly I come to you

Kissing your back

Massaging your pains

Licking your stress

Stroking your pride until it rises

To my touch


We can’t help

But make love

Because fucking is not an option

When our love is so deep

So strong

So intense

That it’s the tie that binds us together right now

Pushing away the inevitable


You enter me

Taking me in your arms

Wrapping my legs around you tightly

Gliding in and out of me

With the motion

Only designed for passion

Full of emotion

My sweet submissiveness

To the power you have over my heart

My mind

And my body


Realizing in this brief moment

How much I love you

Able to tell you so

As if it might be my last chance

Waiting for you to reply

But your moans and kisses

Are enough answer

To let me know

You love me to

Actions indeed speak

Louder than words


As we cum together

We lay there

Surrounded by the ocean of fear

Drowning in the lake of my love for you

Not knowing if and when

We will have this moment again

As we lay here in the darkness



Loving one another



Your Friend,