Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mr Officer

Mr Officer
Mr Officer
Can you please respond to my 911
I thought I heard an intruder
But I'm not sure where the noise is coming from

It might be in my bedroom
Can you check on my bed to see
It might be under the bed
Bend over nicely there for me

Or it could be in the kitchen
Lift me on the counter
Let's see
Or mix me up with your blender
Make it creamy just for me

Mr Officer
Mr Officer
I think I see someone over there
Up against the wall
Right here can't you feel it
Not my ass against you sir
That shadow over there

Let's run over to the couch
Lay down on me
Let's hide
Feel my body heat with yours
My temperature is about to rise

You might need your handcuffs
To hold the bad guy down
Or you might just have to use them on me
So I can't move that much around

Mr Officer
Mr Officer
Are you sure the bad guys over there
Because I just might be your bad girl
Search me if you dare

I'm that drug that will make you hungry
Make you take off that shield
And be bare
Or that drug that will make you crave me
And go bad cause you won't share

Mr Officer
Mr Officer
Can you come over please
Bring your caution tape with you
And bring me to my knees