Sunday, May 27, 2018


I can't sleep
My mind is racing
Trying to find answers to questions only you can reply to

Why me
Why us
Why was I not enough
What happened to happily ever after

Was it the openness
The weight gain
The pain I endure on a regular
Or was it something else

Was it you
The age difference
The lack of male role models
Or is just an addiction

I tried to forgive
I tried giving options
I tried to save face
I tried everything but give up

It was still not enough
We were still not enough

I'm restless
Torn between still being in love with you
Wanting to let go

I know I deserve better
I know I was a good wife
I know I did my best
But it still wasn't enough

I'm delirious
I can't sleep
My mind won't rest
I'm dumbfounded

Was I not sexing you enough
Loving you enough
Not there for you
Or was it just karma laughing at me

Naw... I've paid for my mistakes twice over
So then what's keeping me from closing my eyes and finding some peace

It's you
Craving you in my bed
Missing you during the day
Wanting to kiss your lips i love so much

But I can't
All I see is them
All I feel is your hands on foreign thighs
All I smell is lust and sweat

I can't sleep
Your haunting my mind and my heart
Yet I still love you
Though your my nightmare


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Shower Conviction

Standing in the shower
I could feel something familiar
The dirty feeling
Wanting to scorch my skin from the filth
Feeling uneasy with my body
Wanting to lather the nastiness away

Touching my body
I felt my nails dig in my skin
Scraping my way to a sense of normalcy
Feeling numb to peace
Wanting to drown in my misery
Wishing the water would wash me away

The feeling was familiar
A sense of violation
Disrespect to my temple
Taken advantage of
Feeling empty and helpless
I felt abused...

I felt hurt

I felt empty

More and more I realized what it was
I felt raped

Raped of my love
Raped of my spirit
Raped of my commitment
Raped of my conviction
Raped of my future
Raped of my willingness to forgive

I touched my skin again from the realization
Understanding the familiar feeling
Suddenly feeling bashful
Unattractive and detached

Just like back then
But this time
Instead of letting the tears fall
I stopped
Touched every inch of my body
And said to myself...



Friday, May 25, 2018

The Music...

The music
The melody
The words and the memories
They all bring me to my knees now

Listening to our favorite songs
Singing our favorite duets
Vibing to our favorite slow jams
They all remind me of what we used to be

The radio
Even YouTube
They all host hypnotic love songs that weaken me...because I think of you

Hearing those hyms you use to croon to me
Those melodic tunes that made me throb for you
Sharing those sexy moments we often took advantage of to dance to
They all now make me want to rip my heart out

The sway of the beats
The words we blush to
The chorus that captured our heart
They all now make me wonder if we were all just a video bound to end...eventually

The music
The melody 
The words and the memories
They all make me wish I never loved them, cherished them and reminded me of you 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Do

I remember when I first laid eyes on you
My stomach turned flips
I felt myself turn red all over and I was in awe

It wasn't just your good looks
Or the flowers in your hand
It was your smile
The way you looked at me and watched me come to you

I remember when I first looked into your eyes
The first time I touched your hand
The first time I felt your lips

I remember when I needed you
I held you tight
You wiped away my tears
I first felt safe in your arms

I remember when I fell and you were there to pick me up
I remember when you first told me you loved me
I remember the moment you looked into my eyes with fear for what was happening between us

I remember when you first made love to me
You first pulled me close to you
I remember wanting to submit to you
Be the best for you
I remember all the first and amazing things you've done for me

But I always keep close to my heart
The moment I remember the most
The evening I heard your heartbeat and it synced with mine
I remember I knew I would love you more than anything

So if I don't remember to tell you I love you I do
If I don't remember to tell you I appreciate you I do
If I don't remember to show you I care I do
If I don't always act like I want you I do
If I don't let you know I'm missing you I do
And if I don't remember to remind you how much you mean to me you do
But more importantly if I don't remember to tell you any of the above know I do more than I just I Do but that I can forever remember to love You