Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm Thinking About You- RB

I'm thinking of you while my heart is racing in circles.
Yet I can see your smile as it lights my soul.
Your lips I can trace with the memory of your words.
I can feel your hands touching my face keeping me warm.
I'm thinking of you while I remember the happiness I felt with you.
It was magical and strong defying all of my inner pain.
In a short period I felt cured of fearing love.
I could see the future so bright.
I'm thinking of you as I look at the clock waiting for you to call.
I'm missing your voice and the way you make me blush.
You overstand me and fulfill my mind with intriguing thoughts.
Your artistic and I love that about you.
I can listen to your rap all day long becoming closer to your world.
I'm thinking of you when I look in the mirror and see my glowing reflection.
You did this to me. You made me alive again.
I know how it feels to face love right before my eyes.
I held your heart and it beat only for me.
I'm thinking of you as my  deepest corners push away the fear.
I'm longing for just a minute of your time.
I'm hoping to be One with you again..if you'll have me...
Come to I'm thinking of you.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Despite the Pain

Despite the pain I've been feeling, my heart still finds the time to mourn for you.
Despite the pain you cause me, I still long for you.
Despite the pain in my heart, I can't help but still want you.
Despite the pain inside, I can't help but miss you.
Despite the pain I still dream of you and I together.
Despite the pain, I can still see our future together.
Despite the pain it's impossible for me to let go.
Despite the pain I still hope you know just how much I still care for you so.
Despite the pain I wish I could see your face.
Despite the pain I'm missing your embrace.
Despite the pain I wish for your happiness.
Despite the  pain I'm still missing what we had together.
Despite the pain I can imagine your smile and your touch.
Despite the pain I still love you so much.