Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Want You

I wake up to the sound of his voice whispering in my ear sweet things
I see his face clearly as I rise to start my day
I can picture him taking my hand leading me to bathe
I can feel his manliness behind me as he cleans between my thighs
I can wrap my arms around him as he dresses me gently in the morning
I can kiss his lips as he smiles wishing me a great day

I can imagine him there in everything I do
I can sense his presence making my heart brand new
I can feel the happiness radiating from his heart
I can let go and let him love me as I take hold of a new start

I want to enjoy what is between you and I
I want to open and give you all that money can't buy
I want to show how a woman should always treat her King
I want you and only You to have me as your Queen...

To be continued...