Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Week Later

A week later and my mind is numb
My body is yet fully aware of what happened last week
No longer cloudy
Understanding of what happened

No longer denying the feeling
The overwhelming emotion that comes with admission
Realizing the effects of what took place

Unable to move
Caught in a trance
More like a nightmare of invasions, deceit and murder
Leaving a wake of fear and doom

Trying to break free
I indulge in liquid courage mixed with herbal persuasion
Only to find a piece of the rock to tame the demons inside

Not feeling like myself
I look in the mirror
Only to see someone else I don't recognize, understand or care to know
I metaphorsis into something else
Masking the old
Feeling my wings behind me trying to take flight but can't quite leave the ground

I'm weighed down by uncertainty
Feeling lost in my own mind
My body giving me reminders of what happened just last week
When my unconscious mind was awakened to reality
Of betrayal, hurt, victimization
And yet...

I don't feel like the same person I was then
Seven days later and I'm meeting someone new
Someone shy, naive, awkward
Nothing I'm used to...

Not knowing how to react
I look around
Seeing things like I've never envisioned them before
Hearing words that I can finally comprehend
Feeling each hair on the back of my neck as the wind whispers by me
Appreciating the beauty that surrounds me

Inside I'm seven days old
Evolving inside my chrysalis
While outside my body is molting, renewing itself
Becoming something totally different

I wonder what I'll look like a week from now...

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