Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In My Mind

In my mind I imagine you smiling

Looking at me with admiration in your eyes

Wanting me and only me

Missing me when we are apart

Loving all of me despite my flaws


In my mind you are wishing on a star

Praying for the one to come along

Thanking God for sending you me

Giving thanks with each breath you take


In my mind you were sent to me

To help love me through the pain

Heal me through the heart ache

And carry me through the storms


In my mind you are made for me

Waking up to the thought of me

Making Us your priority and your life's mission

                To be filled with happiness

Needing me more than anything to hold you at night


In my mind you are It

You are the finale to my dreams

The king in all my fairytales

The prince that wakes me with a kiss


In my mind you are everything I need

All that I could have imagined

All my wishes coming true

In one handsome imperfect package


In my mind it's you and I forever

Loving each other

Caring for one another

Building our lives together

                Your children and mine


In my mind I am already giving my all to you

Already smiling at the thought of us

Already ready for what We have to offer

Already becoming One not just I


In my mind you are the relief my tired soul needs

The refuge I can run to

The one I can't wait to talk to

The one that's there to protect me through the storms


In my mind you are what I have been waiting for             

                All my life

You are the one that was meant to be mine

In my mind it was meant to be

That one night where you smiled at me


In my mind my heart kept beating to find You…



In My Mind

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