Sunday, August 10, 2014

That Moment

Hoping to find that moment
That moment when everything inside me smiles
That moment when all is good around me
That moment when I can wake up in the morning and feel soft, gentle hands upon my face

I'm waiting for that moment
That moment when I see the eyes that can peer through my soul
That moment when my joy overshadows my fear
The moment when I feel breathless with longing and anticipation

I can't wait for that moment when I rush to be in the arms I love
That moment when I can feel the tenderness of a heart filled with Me
That moment that brings tears to my eyes from the thought of becoming One forever

I dream of the moment
The moment when my days are filled with more then my children's laughter
A moment when I have someone to take care of me too
That moment when I feel safe to go to bed at night knowing my love is waiting for me

I can not wait for that moment
That moment when my heart is healed and has renewed its faith in love
That moment when all my prayers are answered
That moment when I finally can say I'm in love with a King
My forever, my universe

I can't wait for the moment I find You...

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