Monday, May 25, 2015

I Feel Something

I feel like crying
With eyes too dry to see in front of me
I feel like screaming
With a mouth too parched to open
I feel like wishing
With no hopes of happily ever after
I'm scared
Scared to let go
Scared to lose my O
Scared my heart won't feel again
Because I don't want to feel anything but what I felt with him

I feel like wanting
With the need to be wanted too
I feel like running
With legs too wobbly to escape
I feel like giving up
With no way to go but down
I'm heartbroken
Heartbroken at the fact I tried
Heartbroken at the thought I believed in something
Heartbroken that my O made me feel something I never thought would B and definitely never ever could C

I feel like yelling
With words that only form ballads
I feel like going to sleep
With only my dreams comforting my nightmares
I'm scared
Scared I won't allow any one else in EVER
Scared that my pieces can't be put back together
Scared that enough is enough and theirs no turning back but I long for what I want and long for what I need
So now what...

I feel like turning back time
With a clock that never chimes
I feel like escaping
With a roadmap that leads to nowhere
I feel like I'm done
With anything resembling now
I'm scared
I'm heartbroken
I'm lost
I feel like IT is yet to be seen
I feel something is not done
I feel like something is not over
I feel like something has yet to be seen
I feel
I feel
I feel

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