Tuesday, May 26, 2015

These Walls

It's growing
A wall thick and rugged
Growing tall and full of splendor
Covering it's prize with thorns

Walls caving in
Shielding the inner crevices
With black tar and clay
Covering it's insides with quicksand

Getting thicker
No one can see in or out
Covering it's display with plexiglass

It's growing
Walls made of cement
Topped with brick after brick
Covering it with layers of pretty marble

It's undeniable and strong
A force field against any wear and tear or destructive forces
Its greater than the Walls of China
Guarded by the God Zeus
Scared of Aphrodite

It's beyond recognition
It's contents inside withering
Unable to move, feel, or grow
Blinded by the fortress that's built so perfectly

Its walls are unmarked
Forgotten in thought
But not mistaken by those that marvel at it
Wondering what's inside
These walls that cover
This heart of mine

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