Tuesday, June 9, 2015


You pull me in and take my breath away
You make me feel things I didn't know existed
Between you and I
You arouse something in me that I don't understand

You're my friend
My confidante
The person I turn to
And yet
And yet there are those moments
When you completely take over
Capture my attention
Draw me in
Make me pay attention
Help me focus
On you
On you and only you

But then it stops
We go back to how it used to be
How it's always been
What's comfortable for both of us
Or maybe just me
No I know it is for you too
Yes sometimes
It's comfortable to just be friends
It's comfortable to not confuse things
But when you look at me like that
Kiss me like that
Hold me like that
Smile at my children and say you love them
I know what's really going on

You love me as your friend
But you're in love with what your dreams tell you this could be
You love me as that chick
That can watch the game with you
Laugh at your twisted jokes
You love that girl that's always there
As your friend

Knowing that your touch is not just that of a friend
That goodbye is not just your friendly way of saying I'll miss you
That invitation to go out is a way for you to breathe in my scent

The way you touch me pulls me in
Captivates my attention
Demands I see you
Yes you
My friend, my could be more, my possibility...

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