Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You. Me.

These last couple of weeks
You have been my rock
My shoulder to lean on
My strength from afar

You have kept me motivated

In these weeks
I have learned
What kind of friend you are
How much commonalities we share
And I like it
Not just because you're easy to talk to
Or that you understand the importance of communication
Not just because you listen
Even when I don't make sense
Or I ramble on in an emotional mess

You're perfectly flawed
Just like me
You've been hurt
Just like me
You've suffered a loss
Just like me
Your strong enough to rebuild
Just like me
You rise above
Just like me
And guess what
You're a male version of me
That makes me see
How truly amazing your heart can be
Even through all that pain

I thank you
For all that you are to me
Helping me through this storm
Comforting me when I'm weak
And all this you did
Because you're You
Nothing more
Nothing less
Just You
And that's perfectly fine for me

I'm looking forward
To what could be
Facebook buddies
Friendship or more
Homey lover friends
Lovers by night
The Knight to my Day
The King to my throne
Whatever it may be
Or not be
I'm glad you're here
I'm glad you're here with me

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