Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love Through Fear

Stuck in the past
Scared to move forward
Feeling emotions we try to not to show
But our heart is longing for love

Torn by broken dreams
Haunted by our past
We move forward alone
But the loneliness won't let us suffer for long
Hoping for our hearts to mend

Wishing for a sign
Praying we can see through
The signs are blurry
Yet our heart seeks for what it can't live without

Wanting to find peace
In a world full of deceit, pain, and destruction
Grasping for loves embrace
To protect and guard our heart

Missing having someone to call our own
But scared to find out
Fear getting in the way of true happiness
Blocking our hearts blessing

Needing to be loved through the pain
Yet too broken to pick up the pieces
Pushing away what our mind wants
Denying our hearts needs

Wanting to be loved
But forgetting how to give it
Because we are too scared to just let love do what it does
Heal, restore, and trust.

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