Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In The Moment

Feeling vulnerable

as I undress in front of you

opening up my soul

in hopes that you will save me from feeling this way


worried about my body

I reach for you

In hopes that you will free

This heartache and pain

Of not knowing where my diagnosis will take me

Feeling as if something is invading my body

Taking me out my comfort zone

Somewhere familiar

But someplace I never wanted to come back to


You hold my face in your hands

And you look at me with such sweetness

It melts my fears


If only for a few moments

In your arms I find comfort


A longing cured for if only

For a few moments


You hold me close

And our hearts fall into rhythm

My breasts are rising with each breath I take

But I'm scared to embrace them

Like I used to


They feel fragile in my hands now

My prized possessions

Suddenly under microscope

But you gently touch my skin

Kiss my neck

Tell me that everything is going to be okay

And you whisper in my ear that you care for me


I look in your eyes

And I can see genuine concern

If only for a few moments


I ask you to make love to me

And "act like you truly do"

And without hesitation you tell me

You always have


As I entrust you with my feelings

My emotions

My tears

My pains

My needing to have someone touch me

In places that I'm scared to touch myself

For fear I may fall apart

You take me in your arms

And lay me down gently kissing me tenderly

Reassuring me that you will always be here

And in those few moments

I believe everything will be okay

As long as I am in your arms

If only for a few moments


As we lay down together

Naked and exposed

Cradled safely in your arms

I can feel the warmth of your body

As it relaxes me

Taking all my stress away


You touch me gently, slowly

Taking your time

I'm feeling timid and not myself

Self-conscious of everything physical

Wanting to be explored but scared of losing control

In fear that something inside me may explode

And take me away before my time

But your hands caress my skin

Firm and sure

Reassuring and comforting

And your lips feel so warm

Against mine

And you take my breast in your hands

And hold them

Just hold them…

As my chest rises and falls

As I come in contact with the

Mass inside my ample bosom

I can feel it, lurking and feeding

When suddenly your lips meet mine

And your tongue shares the sweetness of your kiss

And you take hold

Of all that's ugly inside me

And let it go with the passion

Of your love and sincerity

Appreciating every inch of my body

Every crevice

Every space

Every sensitive spot

And you give me such divine pleasure

With each stroke of your hips

With each lunge of your pride

With each peak that we meet

And in a feverish minute

You turn me around and fill me up

Grabbing my breasts, pinching my nipples

And I can no longer feel any pain

But only Us


In a whirlwind of emotions

As you smack my ass, claim my pussy

Thrust inside me

Making me moan with such delight

That I can't help but laugh through tears

At the thought of losing this feeling

For even a brief moment


And when we climax together

You turn me around

Tasting the nectar of my temple

Not finished

Just getting started

As you go on the quest

To give me exactly what I need

Slow, sensual, lovemaking

Not only to my body

But to my mind, my heart, my universe

And then I see them

Your perfect chest

Your strong arms and your loving face

Looking down at me

Reassuring me that I will be okay

And you have always been here

To remind me that I am sexy

And beautiful

And lovely in every way

As our bodies come together

In a rhythm only the great jazz artists can relate to

Creating a melody so amazing that we have no choice

But to harmonize together


In those few moments

I regained my strength

To fight for what I admire the most about my body

And to embrace them and love them

And nurture and care for them

As you did

Surprisingly in your bad boy exterior (I'm blushing)


In those few sweet moments

I saw something in you

I had never seen before

And I needed it

You fulfilled my wishes

You transferred your hope

And renewed my faith

In those few sweet moments

I became a Survivor yet again…





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