Monday, March 3, 2014

The Rain

The rain falls hitting my window pane
Thump, thump
Splatter, thump
Waking me from my dream
Making me disillusioned

The sounds are reflective
Of the pain and hurt inside
As the tears begin to fall
Drip, drop
Drop, drip

I look up into the sky and wonder why
Why I feel so lonely inside
Even with you by my side

Trying to focus I pull the cover over my head
Still hearing the rain above my bed
Swish, swish
As I look over and imagine you holding me close instead
But no avail I'm wet, crying out for you
Trying not to let the storm outside cloud my head
As the rain gets harder and I can't seem to escape the sound of the pitter, patter in my heart...

Trying to fall back to sleep as the rain suddenly calms
Getting silent 
hearing my heart beat louder
Thump, thump

I turn over to stop the beating in my head
As I roll over into a puddle of.tears
Nowhere to move but within my fears

Crying through the rain
Drowning out the beauty
Of what used to be a comfort

The rain falling on my window pane
Simple, serene
Tap, tapping
Calling my name
Soothing my mind
Waking me up from the demons swimming through my mind

I relax and reflect on his face
Smiling at the memory of that symphony we made
Love making through the rain

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