Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Mouth (draft)

This is not the first time I've asked you how you feel inside
Trying to read your mind
Seeing between the lines
All the while knowing your mouth is telling lies

So I waited
Trying to give you time
To see if you would clear your mind
Enough to see if you would make
Yourself mine
But you couldn't let go of what you truly felt inside

So I moved on to find what was rightfully mine
Someone who loved me
And who wouldn't waste my time
Someone who could express they wanted to be mine
Someone I knew whose heart was not blind

I waited for you to tell the truth
Throw away your pride and show me the proof
but you couldn't
Weren't ready
Shouldn't have played the friend role that much

Now I'm gone
Getting what I deserve
Not racking away at my nerves
Trying to figure something out

It wasn't the first time
I asked you for the truth
But now I know why you kept hiding
From what was true
You knew I.deserved better
And now I'm living the life
That only your heart could see
But your mouth could not trust

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