Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Missing Him

Missing Him

Missing him already
And the way he makes me feel
When I hear his voice
I can imagine his smile
The words that smoothly leave his beautiful lips

I’m missing everything about us
That is fun
Sincere and full of life
Sexy in every way
And the way I blush
When I hear his name

I am missing the goodnights
And the I love You's
That takes place throughout the day
And the conversations that never to seem to end
For we have everything to talk about
When it comes to Us

I am missing the anticipation
Of seeing him again
And knowing that he is excited too

I am missing the planning and the emails
For our day like no one else’s
When we were to finally become one
As God intended- or so I thought…

I am missing the future
And what it would have entailed
A house cozier than a winter fire
A love so fulfilling
That every day is thanksgiving

I am missing the stares
From people who see us together
And have hope that true love can survive
The jealous whispers
Because we are all that and then some- together

I am missing the nights
Where lust takes us on an erotic journey
Getting to know each other
In secret even though we know each other by the inches

I am missing his voice
Speaking sweet nothings
Genuine and full of adoration

I am missing his touch
Across my face
And holding me close as if we are
Connected by longing and desire

I am missing the heart that once loved me so much
He didn’t go a day without wanting me as his wife

I am missing
What I thought was a sure thing
You and I, finally together as one unit
Free and clear of others scrutiny

I am missing the confidence of his promises
That in an instant became lies

I am missing all that encompasses us
You. Me. We.

I am missing Him.

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