Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Feeling like I’m in limbo
Waiting for a call
that should have been made already
Waiting for the moment
when this whirlwind will stop
Waiting for you to step up

I’m in misery
Waiting for the unexpected
Not knowing when I’ll see you again
Or when I’ll hear your voice saying my name

I don’t know what to expect
As I’m sitting here counting the minutes
Until I see you again
Knowing that you may not appear
And our dreams may disappear

I’m sick to my stomach
With pain of how this will all go down
The showdown has begun
And I’m sorry but my heart just won’t
Give up on the vow I made to you
To love you forever and never leave your side

I’m restless
And feeling some kind of way over you
Because you have been my angel
My guiding force for all these years
And now you’re gone
Moving on to something unpredictable and unknown

I’m torn deep inside
My mind and my heart are fighting a war
One for sanity and one for destiny
They’re both at odds
With what my gut is telling me is over
Or so it may seem…

I can’t help but think
That this was all a nightmare
And our love didn’t revive itself
And make magical moments together
Promising forever and an eternity

I’m falling again
But not for you but for the love
I thought you had for me
I’m ashamed to admit it
But I’m holding on regardless
Until the anger takes my pain away

I’m waiting in limbo
For something I thought
Was true
But it’s clear to me
That I’m the only one here
On the fence
And straddling this thing called love

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