Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Time it was You

This time it was you that was not deserving
With all your tales and accusations
With all your assumptions and mistrust

I put my all on the line
My heart and my soul
My life and my future

I gave you what all men want
My body and my love
My commitment and my devotion

You just couldn’t take it
It was more than you expected
Or was it that you couldn’t accept it all- maybe that’s it

I made you my priority
Waking up to the thought of you
Going to bed wondering how I can make you smile another day

You believed your own lies
I was cheating in your mind
I was deceitful to your face

I loved you more than anyone else
My heart couldn’t rent another place
I was destined to be right here in your face

I was made to be your wife
And spend my life with you
But you couldn’t let go to see that it was true

You fell in love with a ghost
Because somewhere you got lost
In the middle of the drama and the schemes and the lies

I pushed away the old
And made myself brand new
To present myself as a gift to just and only you

“I’m not the One,” you say, over and over in your head
But in your conscious you know it’s always been me
Blocking your thoughts, fueling your heart, and waiting for this day

So why won’t you take hold
Of all I have to offer
Did she rob you of so much that you can’t even recover

I feared the worst
And prayed for the best
It was You who couldn’t let Us be free

My love for you was unconditional
No one could compare
I couldn’t see past your smile and I didn’t want to share

For you I was just a mystery
James Patterson would be proud
But I am who I am and my lines I scream loud

I believe I’ll always wait
because I won’t let you forget
I molded myself this way- for you with no regrets

This time it’s you who isn’t deserving
Because you can’t accept the best of me
My heart and my future which I chose for our destiny

You won’t take my heart
As I’ve taken yours
to love and cherish for forever more

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