Tuesday, October 15, 2013

With Each Day

With each day that passes

I can feel a piece of my heart slipping away

Holding on desperately to what my heart feels it needs

Ignoring what my mind is screaming out to me

Waiting, begging you to stay around

Not leaving me behind

But with each day that passes

I can feel my heart slipping away

Going into a distant corner

Hiding, waiting, patiently pacing

Back and forth

While you go on with your life

Not missing or needing me

Like I am for you

While each day passes

Taking me further and further away

From my dreams, my hopes, my everything


With each day that passes

I can't believe it came to this

Everything you asked me

I gave to you and yet it wasn't enough

My best wasn't enough! and yet

I gave my all while waiting for you

The days, months turning into a year

With each day that passed

My hope was renewed time and time again

Only to be shattered by your coldness

And disappearing acts

Your broken promises and everything

I had to keep holding on

Only to come to this moment right now

Where with each day that passes

I'm losing a little bit of me

While waiting for you to return the love

I have inside for you and you claimed you had for me too


With each day that passes

I look in the mirror constantly

Wondering if I'm not beautiful enough

Sexy enough

Smart enough

Healed enough

Remorseful enough

Paid enough for all you say I did to make you this way

Yet with each day that has passed

I have spent all of it

Trying to be a better woman for me

So that I can be a better woman to you

Like you asked of me

But with each day that passes

My efforts are rejected

My mission is cast aside

My courage is being tested

As you find excuses to walk away again and again

Knowing our hearts beat to the same song

Or so I mesmerized it to ring so

As each day passes with us being wasted


With each day that passes

I am feeling more and more hurt

Even more I can feel the pain

Deep down inside

Tearing me a part

Paralyzing me in a mental state of hysteria

Engulfing me in flames

Taking me away from reality

Making my insides erode from worry

As I keep dreaming of the day

When you will finally say

"I love you and want to stay"

Yet with each day that passes

That I don't hear your voice

And don't get any response from you

I am dying inside

Heart broken by fates cruel joke

As each day passes I can't help but fight

Knowing that I didn't get to this place

For it not to be right

But with each day that passes

I'm wondering more and more

If all this is a lesson

and I'm supposed to survive this

Until I'm lovesick,


and poor


Not one day can pass

Without me wanting to love you

But I'm coming to the conclusion

That you will never stop running from it too

My heart is giving in

Ready to run and hide

Never peeking out for fear

That you won't be there

As each day passes

you're becoming more of an illusion to me

A knight on a white horse

That my mother promised me didn't exist

A prince that will never kiss me awake

An angel with misery as its duty

With each day I'm losing my dreams

And waking up to nightmares

With you as the subject of my decent to oblivion


With each day I'm trying to hold on






Fighting a war that seems never to end

Because you can't trust anyone

Not even your own heart

To let me love you

Like you always wanted me to

Because with each day that has passed

You are making me suffer

The man's scorn of a broken heart unmended

And with each day

I pay the price of a woman in love

Who is trying to win your heart

With everything in me

Though it's tearing me apart


Yet I am still here

Praying for you

Asking God to forgive you and heal you

Because I've forgiven you too

Every moment I hear your voice

And see your face

Promising me you want me forever

Asking me to wait while you mend

As each day passes

I'm asking for some sign that you and I are worth fighting for

Only to keep running into your wall of silence

Trying to beat it down with each pump of my heart

With each dose of love potion

With everything inside me that wants to hold on

To this great love I can't seem to let go



With each day that passes

I can see my life flash before me

Losing my heart to anger and sorrow

Stress and regrets

Becoming bitter and resentful

And with each day that passes

I painfully wither in defeat

Slowly losing me

While waiting for you

While I try to hold on as the days pass me by

To what's left- my soul, my dreams, my hopes, my everything

While still waiting for you








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