Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Check This

I see you over there
checking me out
Your fine, sophisticated
and what I've been talking about
You like me
I like you
Now what we gonna do
I'm feeling you
Your feeling me
So what we gonna do

Check it
I don't have time for games
Or wasting my time on playas
I'm a real chick
And what I have to offer
is made only for lovers

So let me know what you want
and I'll tell you what I need
Then we can get up and talk
And figure out where this leads

We been watching each other for a while
But we can't seem to get it together
But I'm tired of all this silence
Because I'm looking for my forever

So what you trying to do
Don't talk about it, be a about it
I know what I'm tryin to do
I'm trying to be about you

Court me
Romance me
Show me what I'll get in you
I'll spoil you
Seduce you
and show you my heart too

I'm tired of this back and forth
I know you are too
I'm worth it
Your worth it
So its up to me and you

I'm waiting for my King
Because I know that I'm a Queen
So bring yourself to me
So we can fulfill our destiny

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