Wednesday, October 2, 2013


You’re inspiring to me
Your smile alone touches me
Your words bring out the best in me
With you I can feel something deep within me

You’re inspirational like a warm fall day
Filled with beautiful colors and the
fall of old leaves making a path for a new way
Your inspiration is like the sunset over a vast ocean
with only the past as a cast away
You light up my life
like the moonlight after a winter storm
You calm me,
inspiring everything natural to me

You inspire me through your actions
The way you comfort my soul
Motivate my mind
Stimulate my heart
Embracing everything about me
spiritually as you pray for me

You are the reason why I am inspired
For you have brought simplicity to my chaos
Meaning to my confusion
A soundboard to my depression and
provided me a refuge from my own worst enemy

You have given me a way
to channel all that inspires me
By supporting my goals
Helping me help you reach yours
Planning a future of
peace and blessings and
something to look forward to

Your inspiration has gave me
a song to remember
A sway in my hips
A rhythm to blush at
when I think of your baritone
singing a melody so sweet
that I can't help but catch the Love Jones

You inspire me to write
Expressing my emotions
Realize my feelings
Validate what you do to me
each time I think of you

Yet you inspire me
simply to be me entirely
inside and out
You inspire me
to take life one moment at a time
without any doubts
You inspire me
to wake up in the morning and
Look forward to seeing you again
You inspire me.
You inspire me!
You inspire Me!

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