Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something in My Gut

I'm feeling something in my gut

That's telling me it's not okay

This nauseating, queasy feeling

That's saying you're not doing or wanting what you say

It's making me question everything

I thought and felt and knew

And wanted to believe

And it's making me feel as if I'm missing something I should have taken heed


See you say you want to love me

But I know you love someone else too

You say you want to be with me

But your attention says you don't have time to

You say that you want this to work

But you're hardly putting in the time

You say you want us to get back together

But yet you're hesitating to be mine


Now I understand we've done this

Back and forth for years

But there is one thing that has changed

And that is, I no longer have any fears

I'm trying and I'm giving

All you wanted back then and more

But for some reason I can't seem to find what

Our future has in store

Even more

 I can't feel if you're really willing to give me more


I can't ignore this feeling

That something just isn't right

I refuse to sit down and let go or stop this much deserved fight

However, I need a sign or something

That all this effort is for not

Because this feeling I'm having right now

Is more than just in my gut


It's tearing me a part

Making me anxious and even scared

Because I've never been in this position

And this feeling to be quite frank is rare

Giving my all and wanting only you

But I know that this is the moment of truth

When we finally come together

To see if our love can survive any type of weather


The pressure is mounting

The anticipation is killing me

Because for once I clearly know

What my heart wants for me

Even my mind is in agreement

That this is my hearts true destiny


Tho I can't help but wonder

If I'm too late to finally be yours

When you're giving me this feeling

That I'm not the one you still adore

For even you said things have changed

And I agree because I'm sure

That things this time are different

Because I love you more than ever before


Yes, the tables have turned

And I'm the one longing and waiting for you

So I can't ignore this feeling

That there is something missing or askew


I'm hoping it's just me

And the butterflies are stirring

And all that I am feeling

Is just my paranoia at its best

But it's something

Something there

That I can't quite figure out

Yet time will tell if it's me and you

That this feeling is all about


Maybe it's just me being excited

About this moment I've been waiting for so long

The moment that we finally see

If this love is really meant to be


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