Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Your Name

Who would have thought

That after all the tears and pain

I would fall completely in love one day

Forgetting the way I used to


Run away

And disbelieve loves power

And today I can finally say

I'm in love

In love with the thought of being in love

Was how I used to be

But could never truly love

Because I didn't fully love myself

But I learned

Through trial and error

What true love was

When you forgave me

For all my mistakes

And all the pain I caused others

Because I myself was lost

And you loved me anyway

My God


What a loving God you are

To keep protecting me

Holding me close to your thoughts

And your heart

Guiding me when I thought I was blind

Leading me when I had no clear path to take

Holding my hand every step of the way

When I thought I was alone in this world


I woke up one day and looked around me

And saw the glory of your creation

The light that shines brightly through my window

The many acts of kindness imperfect people do in your name


O Jehovah

You have been there all the time

And I love you

Love you for never giving up on me

As others have

Never leaving my side

As other will continue to do

Always letting me know you're here

By waking me up every morning

And letting me know you are the epitome of love

When I look into my children's faces


You gave them to me

O God

You blessed me with two beautiful people

To love the way you loved me

When the doctors said I would never have children of my own

And even when I took you for granted

And I'm sure I will again

You have still kept me strong


Healing from the abuse I suffered

Surviving the rapes I endured

Mending my broken heart every time it gets broken

Shining your abundant act of forgiveness on me


I realize that no love is greater than yours

And that in you

I can find the love I have been searching for

O God hear my pain

Take away my fears

Show me the way

Hold me tight when I am alone at night

Answer my prayers even if I don't know what to ask for

Bring only positive people in my life from this day forward

And help me choose more wisely

The roads I should take


In your name

I pray that I will continue to have your favor

Jehovah you are the only True God

The Most High

The perfect example of love

We can't ever begin to imagine

In Jesus' name I turn my heart over to you



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