Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Waking Up

Waking up in the morning

Feeling great

Knowing that my mind has taken a break

From pain, hurt and stress

Giving my heart the relief it needed and more


I am happy in love

And loving every moment of loving you

Knowing that with me, there is a you too

Wanting and needing me

Just as much as I want and need you


Feeling something so amazing

That it's completely taken me for a ride

Exhilarating, fantastic

Full of amazement and joy

Just knowing that I am at this point finally

Where I can give my all fully

With no reservations or baggage

But true love completely


Anticipating the day I see you

Longing to taste your lips

Feel your touch

And tell you how very much I love you

While missing you

Waiting for the day when I will see you again

Not wanting a day to go by ever again

That I can't see your smiling face

And appreciate this beautiful space

We have found ourselves back in


Hoping that this is it

This is where our lives begin

Finally together again

Giving you my all

Making you my number one

Waiting for you to simply come

To share in this feeling I know

Has a chance at forever


Wanting to assure you

And help you trust and believe

That this right here

Right now is true

And it's all about me and you


Praying that you will see

And open your heart completely

Knowing that I will cherish and protect your heart

At all cost

Never leaving or forsaking you again

Not wanting to ever feel the pain

Of losing you ever again


Earth shattering

Too much to bear

A feeling that was rare to me

But woke me up so I could clearly see


Having to take responsibility for the past

And placing the burden on me for what is yet to come

Knowing I have something to prove

But respecting

That with each day I love you

You will trust me more and more

And that our love is meant to be

Confirming what we always knew

Rejuvenating and close to being brand new


Refreshing and sweet

This feeling is complete



Faith in something so grand

That even I am amazed at the power of it

Only possible through you and me


Waking up this morning

Feeling alive and in love

Waiting to see your face again

Knowing all will be okay

My heart finally knowing and trusting

In true love

The true love you have for me

And the love I found within

Finally found

Making me open up to feel this right now

Loving you completely

Waiting to see you again

Forever by my side



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