Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Man

My man will love me

just as much if not more than I love him.
My man will wake up in the morning thinking of me

and go to bed longing to be my side.
My man will make me a priority,

next in line to God and his children.
My man will love his mother deeply,

giving me the respect he knows I deserve. Treating me like a Queen

like the King his mother raised him to be.

My man will accept me for who I am

flaws and all.
My man will be my best friend

supporting me in everything I do

by my side through thick and thin.

My man will love my children

and treat them as his own

never forgetting our son who will eventually take his throne.

My man will be my provider

allowing me to be his helpmate like I was created to be.

My man will comfort me

when I'm sad or just depressed for no reason

and he will hold me tight when I cry and wipe away the past seasons.

My man will chase after me

because he never wants me to run too far away

My man will protect me at all cost

because he wants me to know I am safe with him

My man will not be afraid to cry or express his emotions

because he knows that is one quality I adore

and he never fears that I will make him feel less of a man for doing so.

My man will fight for me

because he knows that I will do the same for him.

My man will be able to give in to his pride

if he feels for a moment he is about to lose me

and do everything he can to keep me.

My man will listen to me

and believe the words that come forth from my mouth

because he knows that he is not only my best friend

but I will never lie to him even if it hurts.

My man will romance me

with poems and roses, and romantic nights by candlelight.
My man will enjoy the thickness of my thighs,

the heaviness of my breasts,

and my long legs wrapped around his waist.
My man will be a freak,

creating pornographic images

climaxing as we make love.
My man will kiss me with such passion

that I can't help but fall into his arms

taking me away to our secret getaway, of peace and tranquility.
My man will want to make me smile

every second of the day,

joking with me through LOLs

and telling me he loves me with 143s.

He can't help but want to be near me as he's making me blush.

My man will give me reasons to trust him

by not doing too much when he hangs with the boys

or entertaining those chicks who offer their pussy like toys.
My man will always court me

keeping me on my toes,

making sure we grow stronger each and every day

while together we rebuke all the devils away.
My man will see me as his partner,

not just a woman to abuse.

He will always take his head

and guide so I won't mind being lead.
My man will love me

From the curls on my head

to the freckles of my face

down to my toes

satisfied with me and only me.

He will guard and safeguard my heart

and cherish it like his own

and he will appreciate the woman I am

on the inside and love me to the bone.
My man will love me just as much if not more than I love him

for he is proud to be my man and I am all this to him.




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