Monday, September 16, 2013

To Be in Love

How can u not be in love with the thought of being in love
When you have these types of feelings
That make you blush and giggle like a schoolgirl
Have long conversations at night about the future
Laugh at all the craziness you have been through
Reminisce about the good and the bad times
Flirt with each other about what your going to do with each other the next time you see one another

How can you not want to be in love when you think about the trials and the tribulations you've been through and the two of you are still standing
Loving each other like their is no tomorrow
Still smiling at the sound of each other's names
Happily planning your future together
Wanting to grow old together

How can you not marvel at the wonders of being in love
When everything beautiful reminds you of them
The songs of sweet romance bring a moment you shared with them to the forefront of your mind
You can't wait to here the melody of their voice ringing in your ear
And just the way they say "yea baby" makes you twirl like a ballerina

How can you not want to live happily ever after in love
When you can imagine them old and grey holding your hand
Enjoying the better part of your days with them by your side
Raising your children and having your own family one day
Kissing them as if you never stopped being attracted to them

How can you vow to not believe in love
When we are an example of what true love is
We are the reason why others have faith
We are the example of how true love can conquer all and that the strength of our love could be enough
We are the way we both believed in our hearts we can be
And we are and will continue to be
In love
Loving each other eternally

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