Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sabotage. Sometimes out of fear we hold back, withdraw, stumble, or take advantage of the love someone has for us because we don't know what to do with their good love. We get so used to being hurt by the bad love people profess to us, that when the real thing comes along, we don't know how to accept it or recognize it for what it is. That has happened to me more than once. I was so scared of being hurt that fear caused me to sabotage my own relationship before the relationship did. My fears blinded me to feel like the good was too good to be true so I did me preparing myself for the pain that I knew would come, but not realizing that if I didn't sabotage my OWN situation the pain may have never come! All this occurred because of FEAR of my past, my pain, and not being able to trust that love is not supposed to hurt! It took for me to see true love walk away from me, literally, that it took my breath away to feel how devastatingly painful it is to love someone so much and they be scared to love YOU to the point that they sabotaged your relationship to a level you never imagined. Karma mixed with reality check is a muthafucker! But guess what, I got it. I saw what I had been doing all these years in the name of Fear. I made immediate changes, stopped blaming my past, took responsibility for my mistakes and choices, and told myself never ever to let go of true love again and sabotage my OWN happiness! Good morning all!

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