Friday, July 13, 2012



We are at a crossroads
Walking around in mindless circles.
Our paths cross but in traffic
We lose sight of our destination.

We are at a deadend
                With no direction or map to our future.
We are close yet so distant.
Our fears and expectations
                Are ahead of us
But we can’t seem
                To see past the horizon.

We are lost and stagnant
                Comfortable on a road that has no end.
It keeps going on and on
                To a path of uncertainty.

We are at a crossroads
                Safely looking both ways.
Do we cross or do we choose a different route?

Which way does the road to the left lead?
Which way does the right road take us?

We get on an interchange of emotions
                Searching for a sign that points us to our ultimate happiness
But inside our insecurity
                Has us on a chase for a highway
                Of hills, bumps and U-turns.

We are at the crossroads
                Looking for left to right.
We choose what
                Our instincts guide us to
                And find that the right way
                Is the way that makes sense
While realizing that going left
                Is a choice. A guess. An alternate choice.
We can bypass it or take the freeway.

There is always going to be roads we have to cross
We go right.
We go left.
We turn around.
We go back to visit again.
Life is a path we take blessfully.
Roads lead us there.

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  1. I feel this even more than anyone else can understand..Been here myself, but have been here between the two of you trying to pull yall back...over and over again