Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poem- ABC's of Love

When you are afraid of love, sometimes you push love away.
When you are bashful of love, sometimes you tend to shy away from it.
When you are concentrating on love, sometimes you miss opportunities.
When you are dogging love, sometimes it bites you in the ass before you even realize what it is.
When you are earning love, sometimes you fall short of reality.
When you are fearful of love, sometimes your mind doesn't want it but your heart yearns for it.
When you are giving love, sometimes you don’t give your all.
When you are hurt by love, sometimes you take the pain out on the one who is loving you.
When you are ignoring love, sometimes you can't help but look in the oddest places for it.
When you are juggling love, sometimes the one you really want rolls away.
When you are kissing the one you love, your heart skips a beat no one else can repeat.
When you are looking for love, sometimes it doesn't come in the form you were searching for.
When you are measuring love, sometimes you realize that you've had your fill or maybe not enough.
When you are nursing love, sometimes the lifeline is way too short.
When you are obviously in love, sometimes you want to scream and tell everyone but then sometimes you hide it and cherish it for yourself.
When you are pretending love, sometimes you find out that you really are in love.
When you are questioning love, sometimes all the answers are right in front of you.
When you are reasoning on love, sometimes your thought process starts because the reason is clear.
When you are sick of love, sometimes the ache in your stomach is a sign that love really needs to exist.
When you are true to love, sometimes you finally get what you deserve.
When you are understanding of love, sometimes you learn something about yourself and your partner that is beneficial.
When you are victorious in love, sometimes your victory is better than the fight to get there!
When you are worrying about love, sometimes the effort pays off!
When you are Xeroxing love, sometimes the copies aren’t quite good enough.
When you are yearning love, sometimes being patient is your only chose.
When you are zealous about love, you always come out a winner!

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