Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poem- Ghost in the Night

I saw a ghost last night clever and wicked.
He stole my soul and tore at my walls
Taking with him my dignity and respect.
I saw a ghost lingering in the shadows
Waiting and laying around like a snake in the bush
Sneaky and still.
I saw a ghost glance at me from behind smoke
Black soot that found a home in my chest
Engulfing me in flames and tearing at my peace.
I saw a ghost pass me with such creepiness
That everything around it moved out the way scared and frightened.
It stopped and held me at a distance
But tore my inside out like a thief in the light.
He was treacherous and unbiased.
He took me by surprise and became real all over again.
I saw a ghost ugly and sure of himself
Waiting for the chance to snag at my throat
I ran sheepishly in the night and took solace under my sheets
Waiting for him to appear
Restless and alone. Fearful and unsure.
I saw a ghost and the ghost saw me.
He is fearless and powerful over everyone he comes in contact with.
He is close but so far.
Its an eerie silence and a crazy sense of being
Terrified and motionless I cower and pray
Waiting for a sign he is gone
Waiting for the smoke to go away.
I saw a ghost and he captured my pride and took it to thrash away at.
I jolted and took flight as the ghost saw me.
Saw me and winked.
Saw me and joked.
Saw me and came closer.
Teasing and retched with the stinch of a devil.
I saw a ghost and I ran.
Ran for safety and assurance and found
Some comfort in the locks and the chains
Surrounded by enclosures of sanity.
I saw a ghost and I ran.
Ran far away and called for the saints to whisk him away
And jail him for a lifetime
For hurting me and causing me pain.
I saw a ghost and then he was gone
Gone but not for good.
I saw a ghost.
I saw a ghost.

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