Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Friends come and go

Friends come and go but one thing will always remain- You. Being true to yourself is just as important as the relationship you have with others. When you give your all and receive less than what you deserve than know that You as an individual did your part to be the best to that person.
When people let others come between their friendship than their intentions in your friendship were not genuine because if they truly are your friend they will draw on THEIR friendship with you despite others to maintain that loyalty.  Their have been many times someone has told me something ill about someone else to break the friendship or stop it from even starting, but because I am who I am, I draw my own conclusions and go against the grain most times because outsiders never want you to have what they can't have or don't deserve and that's a friendship of a true person- like me. I've also seen friends end friendships because of their current lover or partner when that friend was true from the beginning and that lover was being deceitful and deceptive or had their own negative intentions...The true friendship is gone and their broken heart is longing for something they had at the beginning- loyalty.

My mom once told me you can't make someone love you who doesn't want it or doesn't deserve it. The same is true for friends. You can't force your friendship on someone who doesn't deserve it or doesn't cherish it.

I am tired of people taking the words of others as value when their experience with me has been nothing short of love and respect. I do not keep people in my life who I feel are their for a season because my friendship is not limited to trivial things. My friendship- what I give to everyone in my life- is built on a foundation based on Love. I love everyone in my life with the same passion I have for my intimate partner. I will go down fighting for you if you deserve that time and effort and I expect the same in return.
I understand that not everyone is like me, but that's because they haven't been where I have been and suffered the way I have and lost like I have. Unless you know me, you can't understand the value of my friends to me unless you truly are my friend.

I am a very strong, opinionated and confident person but that's what most admire about me and others hate. I speak my mind and keep it real at all times. Some can't respect that and some can't handle it but why expect less than that from a person who has proven their true friendship to you? Keep it real with me because I will always keep it real with you. Respect me for my opinions and feelings because I will always respect yours.

I have been through war with my friends standing by their side through thick and thin (losing sleep and tears) and more than once I have been the one released from the bond of friendship because of others words or actions. I can admit to my faults and apologize and do what it takes to restore what's lost but I can't do that if the other person does not value our friendship the same as me.

As my best friend (SM) just said to me and which inspired this post, "If you want to walk out of my life, let me hold the door for you." I couldn't have said it better. However, for me, my arms are always open to let you back in if your worth it and you truly want our friendship to last. That's what a true friend does and that's who I have always been.

Two friends have hurt me recently but I accepted the apology of one (CA) and finally let go of the other (DM) because at the end I know I did my part to repair what was broken, even though in my heart, I didn't deserve the outcome.

Love yourself and be true to yourself and in return demand the same from your friends. Don't settle for anything less because friendships come and go but loyalty remains forever.

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