Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Pray to My Pain

I Pray to My Pain

I’m heartbroken
Because of the love I’ve lost
Wishing for what we once had
With full love and full trust.

An aching, knawing, painful feeling
Takes over me and death’s appealing.

I’m lost and confused
At this dreadful miserable end
I can’t even wish
Or try to pretend.

My pulse is weak
And my breath is shallow.
I’m slowly slipping
My mind soon will follow.

I’m lonely and desperate
Holding on to the past.
I’m falling so deep
I’m losing it fast.

I’m screaming inside
And cursing at life.
My future is bleak
I’m losing this fight.

I’ve felt such a loss
When I turned true love away before.
But this time it’s different
I gave my all and much more.

I welcomed you completely
With no reservations or doubts.
With open arms I embraced you
I left nothing out.

A friendship so rare
Everyone could see
That you and I
Were meant to be.

But now I stand alone
With my dreams quickly shattered.
I walk around helpless
My soul is tattered.

Gloomy and dark
My soul thrashes and screams.
I pray for this nightmare
To not destroy my dreams.

I’m broken
I’m lost
I’m lonely
I’m scared

I can’t begin to understand
Or even try to compare.
How can I go on
When I can’t even believe
Or fathom the reason you left
And completely abandoned me?

I gave you my All
Turned others aside
I completely let go
And let you totally inside.

I blindly grasp
For what all of this means.
I’m lonely and broken
And my future is yet to be seen.

Living in the past
Foretold what it would be
A valid yet strong
Sense of fantasy.

Yet I’m here and still broken
Because I thought we were much more
Two people who love
Straight right to the core.

Broken, lonely, lost and yet sure
That no other union will
Surpass this that is pure
I hope that you’re happy
For this I will say
There never will be a day
That I won’t miss you and still see
Your smile and your tenderness
That so gently captured me
I pray no I plead
That one day this pain will fade
But our love
Yes our love
Will always remain
And my pain
O this pain
Won’t forever stay the same

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  1. Deep and very emotional. Love exist within our family and friends most of all our children. Pain won't last forever, only if you allow it to, Beautiful...