Friday, August 17, 2012

I Must Be Broken byxxPlagueRatxx

the thing is
i caution myself
time after time
but once i’m committed
i believe in their lies.
i let them get away
with things
too easily
but it’s once i get to know
who they really are
that i become weak
to their cruelty.
i care for him,
but still flinch away
from a non violent hand,
a hand not intended
to hurt all i am.
but somehow
i get this feeling
that he doesn’t really care,
men are but dogs
that seek prey,
they use them
or abuse them
and then
just throw them away.
i know this may be deceit
but let me commit
my own little crimes
i don’t want a future
as any male’s wife.
i fear them too much
that it’s impossible to trust
even if they’re good people
they can turn.
savages! they are,
they’ll steal your heart
convince you
they love you
as they rip you apart,
he left me here
so don’t tell me
you love me
if you’re happy
to watch me fall.

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