Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet Surrender

As I sit here emotionless and worn out
I think of my sweet surrender to love.
I surrendered my heart and gave you my all.
I took a chance.
I rose
and with pride
I stood tall.

I had finally become a Woman.
Loyal and True.
I made up my mind, I was destined for You.

I took my pride out my pocket
and wore it on my sleeve
for everyone to see
For finally I was Free.

I surrendered Whole heartedly
I gave it my Best
I reveled in your touch and your sweet tenderness
I shared something solid, my home and My space
for no one has ever taken that place.

I always use to talk about You
compared you as Best.
I never fully let anyone in
My memories couldn't rest.

Something kept telling me
go back and you will see
finally I thought I have my destiny.
I surrendered all rights
and gave my heart and my sole
I gave you the best-
The best part of Me.

It wasn't enough.
I tried and I tried.
I can't seem to get there no matter how hard I fight.
Have I lost yet again this moment that's right?

I did what I set out to do
That I can say
but over and over it felt like child's play
you threw all my efforts out
and ran far away.
Left me lost and broken
and feeling some way.

I surrender. You won. I'm failing so fast.
I can't seem to run from it
my past, yes the past.

I fall and I cry
tormented by the truth
your leaving is clear
your actions are proof.

I'm just the one that Adores you.
and will die with you here
closed and consumed with you
Hiding in fear.

I only wanted to touch you
one last time
I only wanted to kiss you
one last time
I only wanted to feel you
one last time
But to no avail...
you took that away with you too.

I surrender. I'm done.
I'm frozen. I'm blue.

I throw my heart in
It shatters
my dreams are now sadder.

I'm battered.
I'm torn.
I'm all drained out.
I surrender
O sweet surrender...
I'm done with the doubts.

I see it in your eyes
your love for me has changed
your gone and fleeing
and sorrow has taken reign.

My closure is weak
over a future disposed
I surrender my heart
Its the finale I propose.

I surrender
I surrender
I surrender my dear
Know in my heart
I will always be here
Loving you
Feeling you
and thinking of you
I surrender my love
I love you. I do.

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