Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Empty House

As I walk around this empty house
The shadows are laughing at me.
They see my agony and pain
But they do nothing to comfort me.
Through their taunting I hear them say
This house is not home.
And I quickly reply
But this home is where I’ll stay.
I open doors to see him there
I look below and there she stares.

I close my eyes and my heart is pumping
Like its running away
Beating and gasping for life
Trying to pick up the pieces
I feel something reach for me
But nobody’s there
I can’t scream
I can’t cry
Only my fears fill the air.

I try to find my way out
But I’m falling too fast
Step one and step two
Are my future and my past.

I see some sunshine
Peeking through the darkness.
I walk and I shiver
I can feel its closeness.
I push and I fight trying to flee from the madness
But no matter how hard I try
I can’t grasp my true happiness.
So I give up in despair and
I walk through the house
Turning everything upside down
Even my wishes and my doubts.

I settle down to give up
And wait for Love there
Hoping and dreaming
For a rescue so near
Yet too far away
To hold on to and care
I fall asleep waiting in waste and despair.

To wake up and find
That my Faith is still there
Smiling and opening the path
To somewhere.

I stand and take hold
Of the hands that find mine
Leading me to reality
With a promise so rare…
To find love that surpasses them all
True happiness unending
A home full of peace
Designed just for me
Made for only me
Fitting only me
Constructed on a foundation
Of friendship and trust
No jealousy or misfortune
Can ruin or destruct.

I’m walking around this empty house
Free to be Me
I’m taking it back, my own Destiny.

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