Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thinking of you

When I think of you and I envision your face
I can feel your warmth and your sweet embrace.
When I see your smile it warms my soul
And keeps me wanting and needing you more
When I hear your voice it soothes my mind
It tickles at my senses and makes me unwind
When I feel your touch I melt inside
Longing for your kisses and the tender moments that I’m missing
When I see you after a long goodbye
My heart stops skipping and I feel so high
When you I see your text come thru my phone
I blush and rush to respond to my home
When my heart beats- it beats for you
And nothing can compare to what you do
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You care for me deeply 
You love me sincerely
You don’t fret my past
You don’t fear our future
You love me completely 
You love me sincerely
When I think of what could have been
I smile cause I know
When I think of what’s next
I already know
A long time of friendship
A love that is true
I can’t stop wanting and needing us too
When I think of you I feel powerful love
When I think of you I know that its real
When I think of you my heart is filled
When I think of you all things come clear
I’m missing you
Needing you
Loving you more
I’m thinking of you
Can you feel it too?

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