Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Define it

It rots away at you
Like an old painting
Losing its luster and quality slowly over years

Pain is like
the color of black scarlet roses
Wilting in the sunlight
for everyone to see
It's beautiful to some
But hideous in the eyes of those who were hypnotized by its uniqueness

Pain is like
A child who eats at their flesh
Everytime their father
drunkingly beats them

Pain is like
milk souring In the attic
Festering, stinking stench
rising like the heat

Pain is like
the bullets that run the projects
Hitting not one but two children
With no witnesses

Pain is like
This aching in your spine that
Pierces you in places
You can't even reach

Pain is like
A woman being violated over and over again
By her tormenter

Pain is like
A virgin giving her heart and soul
To a pedophile
Never knowing what it means to be protected

Pain is like
That quick realization
That your father
won't live pass a week
The first man that taught you what kind of daddy he could be

Pain is like
That feeling you get
When something isn't right
and you do it anyway
And then after you can only blame yourself because you could have stopped it

Pain is like
That day you went to take a step
And fell down a flight of stairs breaking every bone
In your body
and you can feel each break

Pain is like
That time you fell in love
With someone who was gorgeous
And compassionate and
Loving and one day
You find out that you met
Jeckyl not Clyde, his representative

Pain is like
this never ending cluster
Of fucked up feelings
That you can never seem to reconcile
Because something else fucked up happens

And then one day
Pain is over
And your life is over

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