Sunday, November 23, 2014

Missing Thoughts

Missing him
But scared to reach out
Afraid he'll make it into
Something it's not

Missing him
but hurt at this change of events
Turning my clock back
One two three
More years

Missing him
But afraid to tell him
exactly how I feel
For fear that he'll reject me
By turning my words inside and out

Missing him
But too forewarned to think
I want him to want me
Like I want him
So I wait to see who
Will take the first move

Missing him
But wishing that
Something will click and
He'll realize what's missing and
Admit that it's me

Missing him
But refusing to show him
How weak I really am
That he is the source
of everything in me

Missing him
But distant
Because he's hurt my passion
And romance
By not appreciating
My efforts and gestures of love
Instead he made it into
That I didn't possibly dream of

Missing him
But running before I fall all to pieces
Because i never really got it
Or was able to embrace the love
He promised to me

Missing him
But scared to reach out to my love
For fear that he'll ruin me
When all I wanted was him
Completely and to fall
Deep in love

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