Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rescue Me

Rescue me
Take me away from this moment right here
Where I can't breathe
Feel anything but your presence

Rescue me
Help me understand why
You won't come for me
Why you can't see that I love you

Rescue me
Take my hand and lead me away
From this hell I'm in
Protect me and reassure me
That this is all in my mind

Rescue me
Make me understand
That despite your harsh words
You're sorry and
Never meant to hurt me

Rescue me
Keep me from giving up
Keep me from completely giving up
On love
Take my hand and wrap me in your arms

Rescue me
Show me exactly what I mean to you
Let me hear the sincerity in your voice
See morning hellos you never failed to send
Let me know that you're missing me as much as I'm needing you

Rescue me from the ones
You said would set out to destroy us
The ones you said you don't give a fuck about
Those haters you said would never change your love for me
Those ones you said You would protect me from

Rescue me
Like you did months ago
When you told me
I had to open up
I had to allow myself to love again

Or rescue me
From the pain
Of you playing me for a fool
Like all the others before you
By telling me the truth
Destroying everything you taught me to believe in again

Rescue me from pain
Or rescue me from never loving again
As much as I loved you
Rescue me like you know you can
And did before

Rescue me from a lifetime without you
Or a deathwish of never wanting to love again
Rescue me

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