Tuesday, September 18, 2012



This natural chemistry is overwhelming
And exhilarating
The highs of taking you all in
Have me intoxicated.

I can see the lust in your eyes
And the longing you have for me
Yet your sweet and gentle and
Totally unpredictable.

I can feel this chemistry
And it feels so deliciously sweet
Its beautiful and unexpected
And deep and intriguing
All at once.

You have me mesmerized with your words
And the way you watch my every move
Makes me tingle in places I thought were resting
For this exact moment to arise.

I am magnetic around you
Not getting enough of what you and I share.

Our chemistry
This feeling between you and i
Is something amazing yet so simple
Its appreciated and a welcome escape.

Im excited about you
Yet I have a feeling
You are here for  all the right reasons
Not just for the passing of the seasons.

Im not blind to the intensity of what we have
This chemistry we can’t deny
Its electric and energenizing
Its alive and growing
Its design impeccable.

Nothing is boring about us
We are what people tweet about
And yet we are in our own world
uninterrupted by people admiring us.

We are captivating and engulfed
In learning each other
And we compliment each other so well.

This is new to us but this feeling
This chemistry is a history still being written

Im missing you during the day
And texting you at night
We talk for hours
Yet never get enough.

We are setting ourselves up
Its Me and You
And I know you feel it too.         
This chemistry.

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