Monday, September 10, 2012

Violated in more ways than one...

Someone broke into my home this past Saturday and completely turned my life upside down. I feel violated and dirty because they overturned my bed, went through my personal belongings, and I don't just mean my clothes and have misplaced me and my children.
It is such a horrible feeling being fearful to go to the one place you have called home for a long time and now you can't event step through the door without fear, sadness, and helplessness.
The feeling I am going through is familiar...reminds me of when I was raped and its brought back a lot of memories I had buried a long time ago.  Some people can't understand because they haven't experienced either of these violations and I pray to God they never have to but the feeling is similar and is making me go back to a place I prefer not to re-visit. At least my body wasn't physically harmed too much but it doesn't change the mental pain and the emotional distress of someone taking from you and touching and going through things that they were not given permission to.

Now I have to put the pieces of my home in storage and displace my children from a home they have come to love... its such a horrible feeling not having a home to call your home especially when you have worked so hard to keep one for you and your children.

I am feeling sick and angry. Praying for something to give soon, even if its my sanity.

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