Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Ready

I am tired of going to bed 
And waking up alone
I’m ready to start my life 
With someone who loves me for me
And wants me as their wife.

I’m ready to be the woman you deserve
I want to give you my heart and my soul
And give you more than just my body
For our love is what makes us whole.

I’m ready to look into your eyes
Every morning and say hello
I’m ready to think about you all day
And can't wait to come home to my fellow.

I’m ready to think of our future 
And what it entails
I am ready to walk down that blissful aisle 
And plan all the details.

I’m ready to try new things
And show you what gives me pleasure
I want to try what makes you rise
And give you what your body needs to be pleased.

I am ready to be your priority
And show you what my love is all about
I’m ready to make you number One 
And give you my all- once and above all.

I am ready to shower you with kisses
And miss you throughout the day
I am ready to write love poems
Expressing what my heart has to say.

I want to come home to your smile
And long for you to hold me
I want to wait for you to arrive 
And anticipate the butterflies inside me.

I am ready to be that one you crave
And I want to be the one you need
I know I need you
I just need you to need me too.

I want to fix you your favorite meal 
And lay in your arms as we watch our love story.
I want to share those moments with you
That adds to the memories of loves glory.

I am ready to give you a child
That is the epitome of our love
I want to be the mother to your children
And make Him smile up above.

I want to think of only you
Inside me pleasing every inch of me
I want to take you all in
And give you a climax so strong
That your knees get weak and you smile in your sleep.

I am ready to be the woman you have always wanted
And the woman I always dreamed of being
I want to be your wife 
And take care of your heart for life.

I am so ready to be the one that makes you happy
And in turn I want you to be the one
That I can run to in a storm or run with on the beach
Either way it’s just you and me against the world
Loving each other like an exquisite pearl.

I want to miss you when you’re away
And long for you when you’re nearby

I want to make you mine
And give you peace of mind
That my love is true
And no one else will do.

You and I have this forever thing
This love thing
This me thing
This you thing
This best thing
This great thing
This exhilarating, immeasurable bond thing!

I am ready to explore all that life has to offer
You and me happy finally
As one and unbreakable
Destined for greatness in its entirety.

I am ready for that I Do
I am ready for Me and You
I am ready for all that We have to offer.
I am ready for You.

I am tired of going to bed by myself
and waking up by myself.
I am ready to to go to bed with you
and wake up with you.

I want to be your everything
I want to give you all of me
I want to be that light in your darkness
and your rescue through the madness

I need you
I’m complete with you.
I want you
I deserve you.

I’m ready to be with you.
I’m ready to give all of me- to you.

I’m ready to do this thing
I’ve run from all my life
I’m finally here
In a place so unfamiliar yet so real
I am ready to commit to a lifetime of joy
And peace 
surrounding by happiness complete

I don't care what anyone says
I’m yours and your mine
And that’s all that matters
During this time we have right now
Right this minute
Is all that matters

I’m ready for you to come to me
Take my hand and let’s be free
I am ready to be your wife
I’m ready to be your life.
I’m ready to be all I can be
And all we should be.
I’m ready
Just come to me.

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