Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Get So Loney- Janet Jackson (lyrics)

I get so lonely 
Without you 

Janet & Blackstreet 

I get so lonely (so lonely) 
Can't let 
Just anybody hold me 
You are the one 
That lives in me my dear (you are the one) 
Want no one but you 
(repeat 1X) 


Sittin' here with my tears 
All alone with my fears 
I'm wondering if 
I have to do withoutcha 
But there's no reason why 
I feel asleep late last night 
Cryin' like a newborn child 
Holdin' myself close 
Pretendin' my arms are yours 
I want no one but you 



I still remember to the day 
In fact is was a 3rd Monday 
You came along 
To be the one for me 
And now I'm so all alone 
I'm sittin' here by the phone (the phone) 
Called that say that your ok 
So that I have 
The chance to beg you to stay 
I want no one but you 


(I get so lonely) 
Everytime I see your face baby 
(Can't let) 
Everytime I hear your name 
(Just anybody hold me) 
Hard to believe that you and me 
(You are the one) 
No longer 
(That lives in me my dear) 
I want no one but you 

(repeat 1X) 

Break it down 
Break it down 

Janet & Blackstreet: 

Gonna break it down 
Break it down 
Break it down 

(repeat 1 X) 

You know 
(I know) 
That I know 
That I get so lonely 
Thinking of you 

(Chorus until fades-out)

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