Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reality Grieves

Reality stole away my breathe
Listening to those words I hate to hear
Giving up and letting go...

I’m breathless as I feel control slipping away
I’ve fallen so deep
That just the thought scares me to tears
Losing you just deepens my fears

I am taken aback by the words you speak
I turn the corner just to peak
Seeing you for the wonderful person you are
But blind sighted by the person you've become- because of me

I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused
I’m sorry for all the dreams shattered
I wish I could do something that mattered
But I feel you slipping away
And the pain is just too much to stay

I respect you for all you do
And appreciate the woman in you
I am forever in your debt
But my faith just can't resolve what's meant

I’m wishing on a peaceful medium
To come to me with a life of meaning
One that can be free of judgment
And hold on to what’s rightfully mine
Only to embrace what makes others blind

I’m hurting deep inside
Because I know without a doubt that you’re rightfully mine
So why are you and you and you telling us we can't
When I’ve always been the one who believes your heaven sent

I can only go on and wish for you
True happiness and love that’s almost true
Because no one will ever take this place
In my heart or yours we can't be replaced

I’m lonely yet full of loving you
And the power of us is always new
It’s strong and mighty and grand by far
Our devotion is deep and sets the bar

No one can compare to what my feelings are for you
I know that its real, it’s pure and true
I take this all in and exhale with grief
Knowing I’ve lost that inner peace
For not giving my all and trusting in you
To give me the love I deserve yet blew

I pray that one day I’ll see you in my dreams
Holding me close or so it will seem

I’m keeping you close
   Though I know you’re not far from me
Something inside me says set you free

I’m resigned and spent for the state we're in now
But I have faith that I haven't lost and we will make a way some how
To hold on to what makes us who we are
Friends until the end and partners for life
No one can take or even give strife
Our bond is true and yet so unbelievably rare 
And no one not even they can even compare

It’s you and me
Together we fall
But I will love you forever
And that in itself stands tall

I’m trusting in the angels
To keep you safe
Until one day I can take us to another place
That sees us for what we truly are
Two people who love beyond compare
Two people who know what life has to offer
In each other a bond that will never falter

Reality sinks in and takes my breathe away
As I dream for another suitable way

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