Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blessings Times Two

I remember the moment I conceived you
I was in wonder at your beginning
Thankful to our Creator for blessing me with you
Not realizing that I wasn't just blessed with one but two

In my amazement I cherished the gift
Appreciating the chance to give life to you
Never in my wildest dreams was I prepared
For what I was yet to feel
A love so pure and natural that I never would forsake you or try to appeal

Feeling you growing inside me I protected you
Nurtured you and kept you in my embrace
Loving you from the start
And praying for your grace

Two blessings I was given
And I am thankful to our God
For entrusting me with such beauties
And being sought out from above

Watching you grow brings wonder to my heart
Hearing you say I love you
Is what makes being a mom the best part

I love you my angels
And I'm thankful to Jah
For blessing me with you
And finding me worthy of having two

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