Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm Just...

I'm not crazy. I'm just passionate about my feelings.
I'm not selfish. I just want your love to myself.
I'm not jealous. I'm just confident in what I have to offer.
I'm not bitter. I'm just angry that we can't get this right.
I'm not drama. I'm just trying to show you the whole picture.
I'm not trying to stress you out. I'm just fighting for our cause.
I'm not trying to see you unhappy. I just know you can be with me.
I'm not trying to hurt you. I just need time to heal your pain.
I'm not being critical. I just want you to see the facts.
I'm not blaming you. I just want you to see both our faults.
I'm not trying to take our children away. I just need to protect them.
I'm not trying to cause you grief. I just want you to understand our plight.
I'm not misleading you. I'm telling you how it is.
I'm not lying. Everything I say is true despite what you think.
I'm not walking away. I'm just distancing myself from pain.
I'm not falling out of love you. I just can't seem to catch you as you do.
I'm not trying to do anything that will repeat the same mistakes in the past. I'm just trying to build a future that I know can last.
I'm not perfect. I'm just perfect at loving you.

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