Sunday, June 2, 2013

Next Lifetime

Maybe we will pass each other again
At a crossroads
Where we are both waiting
for something beautiful to happen
Like it did once before
Just like you and me

Maybe next lifetime
You will be made for only me
Want only me
Have time to explore all that could possibly be

Maybe when our paths cross
we will be on the same track
Leading to the same place
Keeping up with each others pace

Maybe when me meet
Sparks will fly
And butterflies will flutter
And fireworks will explode like our attraction to one another

Maybe next lifetime
We will come back as lovebirds
Singing a sweet melody  that everyone will enjoy

Maybe when we lock eyes
For the first time
You will see right to my heart
And want to never leave my side

Maybe in our next lifetime
You will open your eyes and see
That you were born for just me
And we are destined- you and me

Maybe when we fall again
You will settle down
And make me a priority
Instead of wasting this lifetime
Running from what could have been
And realize what I did back then
maybe your next lifetime

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