Sunday, June 9, 2013


In my dreams I can see us in love and living in peace 
But when I awaken to reality I see loss and mistrust

In my hopes I can see a future with you and I
But when the hopes start to fade and fear sets in I only see pain

I realize in my heart you are the One
But in my mind I can't grasp that possibility
Because the past is still present
fueling all the drama that keeps our worlds separate

We may visit Love and Forever but Faith can't stay
Because doubt has crept in and laid rest with Dismay

In a perfect world I can see just you and I
happy and living together as one
In a colorful mirage of something called trust
however guilt and regret can’t leave without prey
as it takes away something that we will need everyday

A commitment to love each other despite how everyone feels
and a loyalty to know that we can withstand what trials we may find

In my dreams I can see just you and I
Happy, together and living our lives
Raising our family and growing together

Then reality wakes me up and I'm dreaming alone
Sitting their old without you by side
Because somewhere along the way we lost a few key pieces
That kept us together for all the right reasons
Respect. Loyalty and a Bond like no other.
A cherished friendship that was beyond any other

Broken and abused, torn and broke down
Stomped on and crushed
left lost and not yet found.

For all I know my dream was a nightmare
And what I thought we had was never ever really there
Yet I refuse to believe that dreams don't come true
Because if that was the case
I would have never fallen in love with you

So I'll dream until I wake to find you by my side
for one thing I know my heart is not blind
To the colors of the path that leaves to Destiny and Fate
When I looked in your eyes and our love could not wait.

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