Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In A Flash

My life flashed before me
And all I could see was your face smiling
And full of love for me
You were extending your hand
Asking me to stay
And I willingly came forth to embrace you

In that flash I could see all the mistakes
All the regrets and I couldn’t help
But wonder how long I would miss you
If suddenly I had to leave you

And in that flash
I couldn’t imagine a life without you
Welcoming me home
Kissing my lips
Spending every moment with you

In that flash
I could see us happy and living in peace
And a part of me prayed
that even without the light
I could still see you in my future
Holding me close
Calling my name
Wanting me there with you

In the brightness
I saw a future so aglow
Filled with happiness and joy
Seeing my babies growing up
And growing old with you

In that flash
I erased all the pain
And forgive all my hurts
And let go of all the pains that comes with love

In that flash
I could appreciate life
And all that it entails

I was in darkness
But now the light has shined
It radiated on my heart
And led me straight to you

In that flash
Was an instant of despair
Followed by fear
Of never seeing you again
But as I opened my eyes to the glow
Of your essence
I realized that in that flash
I fell in love with you
All over again

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